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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Vistaprint Groupon

Friends, incase you don't receive the emails, I wanted to make you aware of the current Groupon for $70 worth of Vistaprint products for $17.  It's a great deal!  I'm thinking about buying it just incase I need to have something made in the future!  I wish I had waited to have my postcards made!  I'm not posting a direct link, because it will lead you to the NC Triad.  You should be able to find the Vistaprint Groupon, though!  There are so many uses in the classroom!  If you need some ideas, click here, here, and here!  I've made even more products that I never thought to blog about! :)  It's worth it if you think you might use it!

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  1. Yay!!! Thank you, Leslie! My hubby and I both could use this one... Fantastic. And also, I *think* I might have passed you in A-town this afternoon. If it was you, fun! And if not, it made me think of you anyway. I sure hope you are enjoying the sun this week...

    1. Was it at the public library? That's the only place I went besides Gboro! I went and got a library card. Go me!! :)

  2. Thanks so much for the heads up! Just bought mine :)



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