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Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Made It #2

I'm so excited to be participating in another Monday Made it!!  I'm going to try to be a little less wordy and keep my random thoughts inside my head.  I can't make any promises that it will happen, but I'll try!  If you want to link up, head over to Tara's blog at 4th Grade Frolics.

Monday Made It Item #1: Dr. Seuss Quote Poster (and you can have it, too!)
This is a poster I made for my reading area.  I just printed it out like normal and used the poster-maker at school to enlarge it.  It turned out great!  One of the first grade teachers asked if she could have one, too!  If you would like a copy, I've uploaded it to google docs.  Just click here.  Enjoy! :)

Monday Made It Item #2: Binder Covers!

I just realized... I know my OCD is a bit extreme, but I did a really good job of eye-balling those labels... I didn't even compare them as I was gluing them on.  Huh, I'm impressed. :)
I'm in love with these.  I got the frame from Michelle at The 3AM Teacher.  They were not fun to cut out but I think it was worth the effort!  For the spine, I just played with the length and width making sure not to distort it too much.  I used my paper slicer to cut 1" off the top of the scrapbook paper (so it will not hang out) and then I cut 2" off the side to use for the spine.  I slapped on a little rubber cement on both labels, and voilĂ !  I think the colors are bright and fun!  What do you think?
P.S. If you have a Sam's Membership or know anyone who does, go there for your binders.  I got an 4-pack of 2-inch binders for $11!

Monday Made It Item #3: Hall Pass Sign and Tags!

I'm sure I've said this before, but I have a big need for instant gratification when it comes to some things.  Pinterest and blogs feed that need.  I've had Tara's (at 4th Grade Frolics) hall pass sign pinned for months knowing that I would eventually get around to it.  Then, last Monday, I saw THE CUTEST hall passes on Rie's blog (Hip, Hop, Hooray!).  They are genius!  It absolutely grosses me out that students have to carry hall passes to the bathroom.  And when they come back wet.... BARF!!!  With these, the kids can clip the hall pass to their shirts no matter where they're going!!  Again, genius!  So, I got up from my couch, found my keys and wallet, and headed to Walmart for a wood sign ($6?), paint (bottles and paint pens - $6), ribbon ($3), badge clips and holders ($1.88 for a 12 pack of each - so a little less than $4).  Aww, man, I wish I hadn't put those prices down... I didn't realize how much I'd spent! Poo!  I'm not going to go into detail about how I painted the board... You can figure it out, but I will mention that the green and gold paint are metallic! It looks pretty neat!  And I did put a coat of varnish on top.  I, also, got this frame for the hall passes from The 3AM Teacher.  I'm not sure if you can read the hall passes, but they include: Boy's Pass, Girl's Pass, Office Pass, Nurse Pass, Counselor Pass, Library Pass, and 2 Hall Passes.  These Hall Passes are available at my TpT Store.

Monday Made It Item #4: Hallway Clip Board

Why:   To keep kids accountable for meeting hallway expectations, a student (different student every day) monitors behavior and gives classmates either a check (meets expectations) or dot (does not meet expectations).  The number of dots will determine how much time is spent walking laps at recess (no worries, they still have time to play).  At the end of the day, the number of checks will determine if a student gets to clip-up (behavior chart).  It's amazing how well this seems to work.  I saw the quote on Pinterest (from Technology Rocks. Seriously.  Also, if you have trouble downloading her posters, she is very nice about emailing them to you.) and I just thought it was perfect!

How:  I'm going to go into a little more detail on this one.  The first picture shows my first TWO attempts...  Complete Failure.  What I did was use a spray adhesive to adhere the scrapbook paper to the back of the clipboard. Then, I printed this "poster" on translucent scrapbook paper.  The first time, I used more of the adhesive to stick the translucent paper to the other and then used Mod Podge on top... It bubbled.  The second time, I used Mod Podge to stick the two together... It bubbled. AHHHH!!!  So, I went and bought another clipboard and had the BRIGHT idea to just forget the translucent paper and print directly on the scrapbook paper.  SUCCESS!!  I still used the spray adhesive to stick the scrapbook paper to the clipboard.  I made sure to get all the bubbles out (using my drivers license), and put two coats of Mod Podge on top.  I'm in love with it, personally.

Monday Made It Item #5: Pencil Cans

I found these cans in the Target dollar bins.  They aren't spectacular.  My handwriting and paint pens were not at their best!  It will work, though!

That's all for this week!
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  1. You have been busy with all the projects! They all turned out wonderful too! I made a hall pass as well. I like how your passes say were the students are going! Great job

    1. Yes, I have a lot of time on my hands being a single girl living away from home! I wish I could take the credit for the idea of putting where they're going, but I got the idea from Rie's blog (Hip, Hop, Hooray!). Thanks for your comments!

  2. Wow! You were super busy this past week! I share your sentiments on hall passes. They end up going to places we'd rather not think about and when they come back with evidence of where they've been, well...ewww! I love your binders!!

    Primarily Speaking

  3. Cute projects! Thanks for sharing :)

    Fabulous and Fun 4th Graders

  4. You have been busy, I like the clip for the restroom idea. The poster for the hall is so pretty.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful projects.


  5. Wow! I love your ideas! Thanks for sharing!
    By the way, I am a new follower. I would love to have you visit me and link up on my "Blogs of Inspiration" page.
    Happy Teaching,
    TIPS: Teach, Inspire, and Prepare Students

  6. I love your projects. Thanks for sharing. I LOVE the hall passes. I am a new follower.


  7. Cute stuff! I'm obsessed with your polka dot creations.

    ✣ Miss Nelson✣
    Miss Nelson’s Blog

  8. I love your hall passes. All very cute projects.
    The Idea Backpack

  9. Love your hall passes and all of your projects!

    Success in Second Grade

  10. Wow! You were busy this week. Thanks for sharing all those great ideas!


  11. Wow! You have some great ideas and things that you shared. I love the poem by Dr Seuss. I may use that in my classroom. Thanks for sharing.

    Teaching Star Students

  12. I love the quote from Dr. Suess, so cute! Your hall pass sign turned out terrific. When I made mine, I used a canvas board and large clothespins. I really like the badges! I think it is money well spent. I know that feeling of a wet hall pass aand just trying no to think about why it is wet!?! lol

    I'm your newest follower.

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  13. Wow! You were busy,busy, busy making all your cute teacher stuff! I love your Dr. Seuss sign and your hall passes. I've been looking for a fun hall pass system and I really like the name badge ones. Great idea to avoid having to hold a hall pass in the bathroom.. gross! I may have copied you by next Monday!

    Can't wait to read more on your blog!

    That's So Second Grade

  14. I love your hall passes! It is so nice you can dedicate so much time to your job! I am your newest follower. I would love to have you come by and visit!


  15. Wow, have you been busy!!! I so love all your projects! I think your hall pass is awesome! I'm going to have to download your poster for my reading area too!!! Thanks for sharing:) Everything just turned out too cute:) Thanks for linking up:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  16. These are all such awesome projects!

    Number 4 might be my favorite though and I'm definitely thinking about implementing it :D

    Creative Undertakings

    1. Thanks!! If you do, I hope it works for you like it does for me! :)

  17. I LOVEEEEEEEEE that Hall Pass idea!!!! I am definitely going to put that on my "to do list"!


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