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Monday, June 25, 2012

Ladybug's Summer Shopping Linky Party

This is a first!  I've never done a link party!  I haven't done a TON of shopping for next year since I still don't know what grade I will be teaching.  (Yes, I'm almost to the point of pulling my hair out!)  I'll share some of what I have found and created.  I know most everyone on the planet has heard of Vistaprint by now...  That is where I have created some of my favorite things!  (Oooh, I just got the urge to sing "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music!)

So, let's start with the boring stuff:

I found this border at the teacher store at home in SC.  Love it!  I bought enough to use on ALL of my bulletin boards...hopefully.  If I run out, I'll have to call Mom to ship me more! :)
I bought these name tags at the same teacher store to use as their desk tags.

My Mom and I purchased sheer fabric to make curtains for my classroom.
Click here to read that blog post.
I purchased bottle caps from Hobby Lobby and glued on magnets to make their student numbers to take attendance/lunch count.  Click here to read that blog post.
This is a collage of just a few of the things I've made on Vistaprint for next year.  Let's see...  In the upper left corner is a Stamp.  Below is a Behavior Chart Punch Card (may use it, may not) that will be used with my Clip Chart.  Next to that is a Smile Card that I give to students that really make me smile, and they will get a treat.  Next to that is a Bookmark (front and back) that I created.  Next is a Welcome Banner that I'll put outside my classroom at the beginning of the year (Go Tigers!).  Below that is a Reading Log Punch Card.  Next is a Homework Pass (those should last me a couple years).  Below that is a Parent Conference Appointment Card.  Next is a Desk Fairy Card.  Finally, there is another Stamp.  Most everything here was free... except for shipping!!  
I think that's about all I've bought so far... Let me know if you have any questions about what I've posted or if you have any great suggestions!! :-)


I forgot something!
I found these huge erasers at Dollar Tree!  I had one of the big pink ones this past year, and all of the kids wanted to use it at some point or another.  I decided I would buy an eraser for each group.  I'm hoping they'll stick around and not "walk" out of the classroom.  If they do, I won't replace them, but it won't be a huge loss either.

OK, I'm done, now! :)
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  1. You had me the moment I saw chevron :) Glad I found you today . . . looks like you have been sneakin' in some awesome shopping trips. I would love to see pictures of your curtains when you get 'em made and hung. I need new ones and am stuck on what to do.

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

    1. Thanks for your comment! I know... I'm pretty in love with my blog background. :) The curtains are made, but we are not allowed to go back to school until mid-August! Believe I will post a picture as soon as I'm allowed back in the school! :) Thanks again!! :)

  2. I agree with Kelley. You had me at chevron!! I found you from Ladybug's Summer Shopping Linky! I am your newest follower!

    Stickers and Stamps

    1. Oh golly!! My chevrons seem to have disappeared! I wonder if it's from too much traffic? Thanks for commenting and following! :)

  3. Love the border you found and all the bright colors! You can do so much with pulling from that and the tags you found. Cuuuute! Jealous that you are crafty enough to make your own curtains! Also can't wait to see them!
    ~Christy & Tammy

    1. Thanks!! :) I wish I could take credit for being the crafty one in the family. While I did come up with the idea and have an inkling of how I would make them, I never could have successfully completed the project without my mom. My OCD would have ruined the project while trying to perfect it! :) Thanks again!

  4. Hi!! I just found your blog through the linky. I am your newest follower.


    1. Yay! Great! I really hope I'm not too boring for you all! :)

  5. I just found your blog & I'm your newest follower!! I love your Vistaprint creations!! I am about to place my order with them too. I look forward to following along with your blog. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. Great! Thanks! Don't buy anything unless it's on sale or you have a coupon! :)

  6. Oh my goodness I was at dollar tree today and saw those same erasers! To die for! I am your newest follower and I nominated you for two awards over at my blog! While you check that out, don't forget to enter my giveaway!

    Teaching Joys

  7. I need to check out Vistaprint...I have seen some amazing creations.

    Those erasers are so cute! I might need to make a trip to The Dollar Tree. =)

    Thank you for coming by to visit me. I hope you come over again. I would love for you to follow me back when you do. =)

    Heather's Heart

  8. What is the name of the store where you got the border and name tags?

    1. I got those at teacher store in SC called The Learning Safari, but they are made by Carson-Dellosa.


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