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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Too Horrific to Comprehend

I don't get it.  I can't begin to comprehend.  How could someone do this to these precious babies... to these heroic adults?  There is no sense in this tragedy.  I've been drawn to the news since yesterday, but with swollen eyes and a heavy heart, I'm making myself turn it off.  Let's rejoice in the fact that children were saved when Victoria Soto thought to hide her students and then stand between them and the gunman.  Kaitlin Roig, and many other teachers, thought fast enough to lock their doors and hide while protecting and loving their students.  Heaven forbid, if this should ever happen at my school, it is my prayer that I will be as brave as these teachers.

Too early, as it may be, we have 26 new angels in Heaven.  

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