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Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Made It #4


I'm really excited to announce that I hit 50 followers yesterday!  Woot!  I really wish I had something to giveaway, but I haven't made anything really cool and can't afford to do a gift card or something like that!  Maybe if/when I hit 100 I can do a giveaway.  Until then, thanks for reading and following! :)
I've made lots since last Monday!  I'm pretty excited with everything I have to show!! :)

Item #1: Magazine Rack for Homework

On my way back to NC last Monday, I stopped at Ikea and bought this wall-mounted magazine rack ($14.99).  I figured I could use it for turning in homework, etc.  There was one problem... it was ugly.  How do you fix ugly?  Spray paint! :)

After: I think it turned out pretty nice!  I'm loving the orange and blue together! :)  I'm thinking of using Ladybug's Teacher Files' labels with a binder clip... Maybe?

Item #2: Ron Clark Test Buttons
I posted on Friday about finding these buttons at the Dollar Spot.  Well, this is how they turned out!  I think they're cute.  I did go back and get 5 more packs (all that they had left), so I have enough in the (hopeful) chance the whole class will make a 100% on a test! :)  I had to print these out twice before getting the diameter correct.  If anyone else wants to make these, 2.30" is a perfect size.

Item #3: Tissue Paper Pom Poms
I made these plus 3 more on Saturday.  My tissue paper was 20x20.  The first one I made was the green one.  With this one, I used 10 sheets of tissue paper.  I decided that it was a little bigger than what I was wanting, so for the others, I just used 5 sheets and cut the tissue paper in half (which gave me 10 sheets).  I think they're the perfect size.  I'm going to hang these from the ceiling in my classroom.  That reminds me... I found a great find while I was home!  
I don't know why I'm surprised by this, but they make clips and hooks to hang things from suspended ceilings!  This makes me really happy.  I'm going to use these to hang the pom poms, as well as, the curtain rod/curtains.  (The blinds make it impossible to hang the curtains any other way.  A pack of 4 was only about $2 at Lowe's Hardware.

Item #4: Teacher Supply Organizer
I finally broke down and made one of these this week, and I'm so glad I did!  I think it turned out really cute.  I have to say that if it were not for Elizabeth's (Fun in Room 4b) template, it would not have been nearly as easy!  I borrowed chevron images from a google image search and set the shapes with backgrounds in Word.  It was very simple, and it looks good! :)

Item #5: Globe Stress Balls
I didn't actually make anything here.  I just printed the sign from Mrs. Plum's post, laminated them, and used a spray adhesive to glue it on the tote that I found at the Dollar Spot.  By the way, my Target didn't have the light bulb or globe stress balls, but on Amazon I found 12 globes for $9.99, and since I had a trial amazon prime membership, I was able to get 2-day FREE SHIPPING!!  Not a bad deal, right!  They should arrive today, so I'll update the picture if they do!  :) Update: I've added the picture with the stress balls.  They're smaller than I imagined, but the perfect size for 5th grade hands!

Item #6 Felt Chair Footies
Have y'all seen this picture floating around Pinterest the last few days?  The Tennessee Elementary Art Teacher of the Year posted this great idea of using felt to keep chairs from scraping the floor instead of expensive tennis balls.  Why didn't I think of that??  Anywho, I had some felt left over from a project my senior year of high school... Yes, I have had it for almost 10 years...  So, I decided to cut it up to make footies.  They don't all match - half are brown and half are red - but who cares, right?  It was basically a free solution for that awful screeching noise!

Item #7 Box Top Bucket
I was still at my parents when I saw Antonia's Monday Made It where she made a box top container out of an almond can.  I turned to my mom and said, "Do y'all have an old cashew can?"  My mom looked but all she could find was an old, small Folgers coffee container.  Perfect!  I spray painted the can pink, cut a hole in the lid, and used The 3AM Teacher's frame for the label.  I made copies of box tops I already had and then glued them to the front.

Item #8: Monday Made It Redo
Y'all remember the pencil cans I made?  Well, the more I looked at them, the more my handwriting really started to bother me.  After seeing these labels at Peace Love & Learning, I decided that my cans could definitely look better, so I printed, laminated, and glued them on! :)
Much better, wouldn't you say?

I know y'all are going to say that I've been busy, but really most of these didn't take that long, and I could watch TV while making them.  The only things that took time and prevented me from watching TV were the magazine rack and organizer.

I hope you've enjoyed my creations and can take some inspiration! :)
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  1. You were very busy this week! All of your projects turned out wonderful! Love how you used spray paint for the homework turn in system!

  2. You've been busy. Love your pom poms

  3. You have been busy! Everything looks great. I'm thinking I need to make that Box Tops bucket. Thanks for the shout out, too :)


    Fun in Room 4B

  4. You've gotten so much done! All of your projects came out great! I haven't been able to find the Target lightbulbs so thanks for sharing the globes!

    Success in Second Grade

  5. Ooo...thanks for the footie tip! I'll be making these for sure!
    Books, blocks and baskets

  6. Fantastic job! I love how bright and colorful everything is! :)
    Third Grade All Stars

  7. Haha! I know the feeling! I do all of my crafts with the TV on while my 13 month old sleeps. It's not so much "busy" for me as it is FUN!

    I'm your newest follower, BTW! Come check out my blog if you get a moment! I put up my 1st Monday Made It today!

    Mommy, Teacher, & So Much More

  8. Love the magazine rack for homework! That would work out so well.. might be making a trip to Ikea soon :)

    I'd love if you checked out my blog at T is for Teaching It is also navy and yellow! :)

  9. WOW you were busy! I love all your projects. I want to do the test buttons too but I didn't know where people got them... we don't have a dollar spot so I will have to look around.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Check out my Monday Made it here:

    Fancy Free in Fourth

    1. If you can't find them at Michaels or Hobby Lobby, you can buy them from Overstock for basically the same price + shipping. Overstock: Design A Button

    2. Thanks so much!
      Fancy Free in Fourth

  10. The felt on the chairs is genius! I have tile floors and they are so icky by the end of the year because of the metal chairs getting pushed around on them. I LOVE this idea! Thanks!
    Mrs. Cobb's Kinder Sprouts
    Come enter my poster printing giveaway!

  11. These are all awesome ideas! Thanks for sharing! I really like the felt chairs.

  12. I love your projects and the chair footies are fabulous!

    Mrs. B's Nook

  13. I might have to follow your lead and order stress balls off of Amazon as well...I've had no luck at Target! Boooo! Lol! Your projects look GREAT! :)

    Thanks for sharing...

    Ramblings of a Deaf Ed Teacher's Mind...

  14. It's great to find another NC teacher! Love all of your Made It's! I teach in the small town of Sophia! Where are you?

  15. You did a lot of projects!! They're great! I'm now your newest follower!

    Lacy's Letters

  16. You've been super busy! Every thing looks great. I'm a new follower. So glad I found you through this linky party!


    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  17. I love the globe stress ball idea and the pencil buckets look really cute too! I nominated you for an award, stop by and check it out :-) I'm your newest follower!


    1. Oops! I just saw that you already have that one, I didn't see it when I check earlier...

    2. No worries! Thanks for the thought! :) Thanks for your comment! :)

  18. I tried making the pom poms, but mine just look like there a step I'm missing to make them round? some help is truly appreciated!


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