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Friday, July 27, 2012

Fabulous Finds Friday

Is it seriously already Friday??  Good gracious!  I have a few finds to share this week that I meant to share last week, as well as a few new finds from this week.

These are the finds I meant to share last week.  All of this came from Big Lots when they were having 20% off your entire purchase.  The baskets are boring, but I'm really excited about the dry erase "boards" and my new rug!  I plan to use the white dry erase board on my back door to take attendance/lunch count with my bottle cap numbers.  I'm not sure how I will use the blue circles, yet.

I found these bright flowers at Michael's.  They were on sale and I was able to use my 25% off coupon!  I thought they would look great with my "bright colors" theme.

After seeing a few bloggers post about purchasing laminators, I decided I would give it a try.  I have wanted one, but I've been somewhat skeptical.  I'm so excited that I bought this thing!  Here, I am laminating Kristen's (Ladybug Teacher Files) CRAFT and VOICES headers.

1. Another find I saw all over blogger world last week was this rolling cart.  I have been eyeing it for about a month, but WOULD NOT spend $60 on it.  I saw on a few blogs that it was 50% off and there was a 25% off coupon floating around.  I  looked through my email and found it, so I couldn't resist! :)
2. Lamp: I'm going to use this lamp in my library.  It's going to be in a dark corner of the room, so we'll need the extra light.
3. Mainstay Shelves @ Walmart:  I bought two of these cheap shelves to use around my guided reading table.  We are not allowed to have teacher desks, so my GR table is my desk (without storage).  It will come in handy.

And last but not least, my Dollar Spot finds!
1. 5 2-packs of "Award Buttons."I saw this idea on Pinterest.  (Have you ever seen a great idea on Pinterest and thought you pinned it, but when you go back to look at it, you discover that you never actually did pin it?  Frustrating.)  Click here for the original blog post.  Whenever a student makes a 100% on a test, they get to wear a button for everyone to see!  It's supposed to be a Ron Clark idea...  I'm thinking I might go back and get more.  I'd hate for everyone to make a 100 and only have 10 buttons! :)
2. Great Work!  Stamp
3. Chalk Board: Have y'all seen this on Pinterest?  I would like to do a collage like this with my class this year.  I think it would be sweet to have up on the wall. :)

Those are all my finds for now.  I have more, but I'm going to share those on Monday! :)

One last thing... Did anyone watch CBS's new show, 3, last night?  I thought it was the cutest thing ever!  What did y'all think?
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  1. You found great finds!!! I love the cute lamp you bought for your library! I have one that is similar (beware though... the glass shades get REALLY hot). Also... your cute flowers are perfect for a bright colors theme! Looking forward to seeing the other things you found on Monday.

    From Blood to Books!

  2. Wow!! You have been a busy little shopper!! I bought one of those bookshelves at WalMart too (can't go wrong for $15!). Just don't make the mistake I did when I put it all together (included the backing nailed on) and then realized the top was on wrong! ugh. I nominated you for a blog award! Stop by to pick it up:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  3. Yep I LOVE all your finds! I too just bought that colored cart and put it together in my classroom this week. It looks AWESOME! I'm so happy I snagged it! I almost wonder if I should've snagged one more... but I don't even know what exactly I am going to do with the first one! It's just sooo super cute.

    Reaching for the TOP!

  4. I got the Michaels cart too on sale! Love it! Can't wait to use it. That rug is AMAZING! I have to go get it annnnnd I am going to make some buttons too... where did you buy them, Michaels?

    I think we are on the same wave length!
    Fancy Free in Fourth

    1. I got the buttons at the Target Dollar Spot, but I've heard Hobby Lobby has them, too! I made mine last night and just to save you time and wasted paper, I discovered that the circles need to have a diameter of 2.30". :)

  5. I am also doing a "bright colors" theme in my room! Hopefully it all comes together okay because it's literally just colors everywhere! Haha, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE your rug! I wish we had a Big Lots here! It's adorable! :)


  6. My cooperating teacher for student teaching had that cart in her room and used it to organize her reproducibles for 2 weeks by labeling the drawers monday-friday twice. I really would like that too, but right now, the wallet is empty! haha Great finds though!


  7. Friday snuck up on me, too :) Thanks so much for linking up!! I love everything, but I especially love the chevron rug.

  8. The chevron rug would go PERFECTLY in my classroom! I tried to search for it online but couldn't find it. Can you tell me the exact name? Thanks!

    1. The rug doesn't have a name (Decorative Area Rug). I used my barcode scanner and it told me the rug is by "Natco Products Corp," but when I went to their website, there isn't anything on there. I looked at Big Lots' website, and they apparently did a 1.2 billion dollar rug buy out, so I'm assuming this one is part of it. The only thing I can suggest is checking out your local Big Lots. The UPC is: 0 3869867061 8 ... on the Big Lots' sticker the numbers read: 145 350058400 8 062. I'm sorry I couldn't really help! :-(

  9. So I spotted your blog and immediately loved it because I'm also Miss R and THEN I saw that you bought the same rug from Big Lots. So apparently I have a twin out there. :)

    1. Well, hello there, twin! I've had so many comments on that rug! I seriously stood in Big Lots staring at those rugs for 30 minutes trying to decide. I nearly asked a child which one she would prefer, but I figured parents wouldn't like a stranger talking to their child! I'm very happy with my choice, and I'm glad you have one, too!! :)

  10. I just bought the same carpet from big lots yesterday! So cute!

    1. Yay! Some people have had a hard time finding it! :)

  11. Do you have the sku for the rug? I’m still looking for it 5 years later lol


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