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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Moving & Used Books

So... Does anyone have tips for fitting all of this into a 4-door sedan?  I'm not sure it's going to work.  All of this stuff needs to be taken to the school... soon.  I emailed my principal about getting into the school to just drop this stuff off.  I added that I had no plans to work (I really wish I could) with hopes of her saying yes.  I don't have a final decision as of yet.  My principal has to make sure the floors are ready.  Boo!  Please tell me I'm not the only one whose living room or office looks like this!

In other news, I called the apartment office of where I am moving later this month and received great news: I can move in early!  Woot woot!  I was first told that I could not move in until the 14th, and our first work day is the 15th.  This has been causing me so much stress!  When I called yesterday, I was told that the other person moved out early and the apartment is ready whenever I want to move in!  So, I think I'm going to get the key on Friday the 10th (and take a car load with me), and my mom is driving up from SC to help me move everything in on the 11th.  We're hoping we can knock it out in a few hours.  I will have my current apartment through the 21st, so if there are a few things left, I can get them later.

So, you see the circle on the picture I posted?  Those are all the children's books I have.  I NEED MORE!!  I sold about 10-15 of my big girl books to a used book store and was able to buy 5 children's books (not really a fair trade).  I can't afford to put a lot of money into books for the kids to read in class, so I need your help.  Where can I find used children's books for cheap?  I know SC is having a really huge book sale in a few weeks and I may be able to drive down to go, but do you have any tips for finding books locally?

So I'm excited about a purchase I made the other day!  It's completely not school related, too!  I have been looking all over the internet to find FAKE JACK ROGERS sandals, and I finally found them at The Shoe Dept.!!  I have a pair of the real thing, and they are the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever put on my feet.  I'm in a wedding in September and a few of the bridesmaids and I are on the tall side, so we decided to wear these instead of wearing heels!  The best part: they were $19.99!!  It can't get much better than that!  I went ahead a bought a gold pair, too. ;)

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  1. The upstairs room in my house looked EXACTLY like your picture before I moved everything to my classroom! Have you checked out the Goodwill in your area? I have a habit of going into every one I see to check out their book selection! I was able to get a pretty good collection started before I started teaching.

  2. Those shoes are super cute! I am glad you're able to move in early. My first year teaching I lived an hour from my school and moved closer right at the beginning of the school year. It was hard, but well worth it!

  3. My office at home is currently a disaster from all of the school stuff I brought home! You're definitely not the only one! I have heard that Goodwill has good used books as well. I've also found some books for super cheap at garage sales. I recently went to Once Upon a Child and bought $70 worth of used books, they are pretty cheap and you should have some up there in NC.

    Lacy's Letters

    1. Thanks for the tip! I've never heard of "Once Upon a Child" but there is one 15 minutes away from me! Sweet! I'm going to call them tomorrow to make sure they carry books before I drive out there. Crossing my fingers! :)

  4. My kitchen table is my "work in progress" zone with all the supplies for everything I'm making and then I have a HUGE pile in my basement of stuff that goes to school. I was told that I'll probably be able to get into my new room to "move in" next week and I can't wait! It sounds like you have a lot on your plate with moving homes too!

    I just started a blog about teaching 5th grade and hope you come check it out. Your design is super cute!

    Katie at The Inspired Classroom

    PS-I'm your newest follower!

  5. My living room has looked like that for the last month. I finally got it all moved this week. I think I'll just have to accept overflowing boxes of school stuff in my house every summer.

    Teaching in an Organized Mess


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