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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Light bulbs

There is nothing more disappointing than getting up and out early to beat the crowds in hopes of finding something you've been looking for... everywhere.  I have been to three Target stores over the last few days looking for the light bulb stress balls!  Has anyone been able to find them?

PS I definitely did not stick to just
getting lighting at Ikea.  It's next to
impossible to not get a cart full!
Also, I have a picture for your viewing pleasure.  When I got home yesterday, I had so much stuff to unload from my car.  It was ridiculous.  I decided to put most (but not all) of the stuff in one spot in my apartment.  (It looked like a tornado had gone through my apartment when everything was inside.)  I took a picture of 2/3 of the school stuff I brought home.  I woke up with the worst aches and pains.  I don't know what I'm going to do in a couple weeks when I have to move from my current apartment to a new one AND get my classroom ready the very next day!  EEEK!!

One last thing... where is the best place to buy fun colors of spray paint?  I went to Wal-mart and all they had was boring, dull colors.
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  1. They've been a super popular item -- I haven't seen them in my store in the past week (I was trying to buy them up and do a giveaway, but no dice!).

    I have found them online, though they are $1.49 instead of $1.00. I linked them in the PDF file on TPT, this is the website I found with them. Hope that helps!

    There's No Place Like Second Grade

    1. Thanks! I found the globes being so on Amazon by that same company, and I was about to get 12 for $9.99 with free shipping since I have a trial Amazon Prime membership. Not too bad! I printed your "World of Possibilities" sign and am about to laminate it! :) Thanks, again! You're great!! :)

  2. Lowes, Kmart, and Home Depot all seemed to have a nice selection of colors. I hope this helps.

    Tales From Rm 17!


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