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Monday, June 23, 2014

A Lesson For Us All

Yes, I'm alive.  Yes, I went a whole school year without posting.  Yes, it was a difficult year.  I'll update soon.

While perusing Facebook tonight, I saw a personal eulogy for a man who had passed.  I recognized the name as the former 5th grade teacher of my oldest brother.  My brother will be 40 this year.  I sent my bro a message letting him know.  The following was our conversation:

Me: Didn't you have Mr. W?  He died...
Bro: Yes. F*$k!
Bro: He was the best English teacher I ever had.  He even paddled me once... LOL.
Me: You probably deserved it!
Bro: I probably did!  He introduced me to Edgar Allan Poe, and Brer Rabbit and Brer Bear...  Good man.
Bro:  Ugh... Sucks... I always wanted to touch base with him... Let him know I wasn't a F*$k up.
Me: Well one thing it tells me... Kids never forget!
Bro: No... NEVER.  He had a positive impact on me... He made reading fun.
Me: And that is VERY hard to do.
Bro: He could do it...  He would change his voice with every character while reading a chapter...  Then leave us with the next 5 or 6...  Those voices would be in our heads...  To be honest, I still use them while reading today.
Me: That's awesome!
Bro: Yeah.  I've never been emotional about a passing teacher.  He was great.
Me: Some of them are THAT great.

Lesson: Strive to be the best you can be every day.  Kids will remember us at our best or our worst.  We DO make a difference.

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