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Friday, June 7, 2013

Pin the Mustache on the...


Today was the last day of school.  It was a very relaxed day.  I had several fun worksheets for the kids today for morning work and beyond.  When they came in this morning, they grabbed a clipboard, took off their shoes, and found a spot on one of the rugs or the blanket I laid out.  I was playing the "Carolina Beach Music" station on Pandora.  It was a good time.  At 8:30, we went outside to get ready to walk through the school.  All of the other classes were lined up, some with signs, and they clapped, cheered, and high-fived as we walked past.  It's a special moment for the 5th graders.  I was slightly disappointed, though.  We had to move our graduation to yesterday (it's usually the last day of school), so I only had 13 out of 21 students show up today.  :(

When we got back to the classroom, we continued working on the fun sheets and watched an old episode of Goosebumps until lunch.  After lunch, we played Pin the Mustache on the Teacher!  They LOVED it!  I highly suggest you try it next year (or this year if you're still in school)!  You know any time students can make their teachers looks silly, it's going to be a hit!  It was super simple to make, too.  All I did was add a picture of me to a SMART notebook, and found a PNG file of a mustache using a google image search.  You can clone the mustache to avoid having to reset it each time.  (Make sure it's a PNG file so there won't be a background around the mustache.)  After a few rounds of pin the mustache, we watched a few more Goosebumps episodes until early dismissal.

A tradition at our school is seeing the students off at the buses.  Luckily, we were able to get all the students onto the first loads, so when they were ready, we all stood outside {in the pouring tropical storm rain} and waved them goodbye.  I cried last year... not so much this year. :)

My room is pretty much packed up!  Really, all I need to do is get their cum folders completed.  That will probably only take about 30 minutes.  We have two work days Monday and Tuesday, and then it's SUMMER!!  Right now, I can't think of anything I plan to make for school this summer.  Give me two weeks, and I'm sure I will think of something!
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  1. Pin a mustache on the teacher is such a clever idea! :) How fun!

    Adventures in Room 204

  2. This is such a cute idea! Why the heck haven't I already thought of it? ;) AWESOME!
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

    1. I know! I thought the same thing! :) I'm thinking about using it as an "ice-breaker" activity at the beginning of next school year! :)



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