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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Faith in Humanity

Today, I witnessed something absolutely precious.  We had our 5th grade graduation, and it was a normal graduation for us.  The name of a student was called, and that student walked across and accepted their certificates.  One of the girls that walked has Downs Syndrome.  When her name was called, every person in the audience and every student clapped and cheered for her.  Some even stood up.  When you begin to lose faith in humanity, something like that happens to restore your faith.  One of my team members turned around too look at me and we were both crying.  :)

Ignore the mess in the back.  I'm in the process of stacking as much furniture and stuff on my back counter as possible! :)
We also had our class party and I gave out class awards/superlatives.  It was a good time.  I rolled out the red {butcher paper} carpet for the students to walk down.  They loved it!  We have one last 1/2 day to spend together tomorrow.  I'm planning to read Last Day Blues, but I'm not sure what else we'll do.  I've already stacked desks and chairs, so it looks like we'll be doing morning work on the floor!  I'm sure they won't mind! :)
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