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Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Currently

It's my birthday month!!  I'll be 28 on the 23!  How can a poor, single teacher celebrate??  Ideas?

It's that time again, time for Currently!! :)  I've linked up with Farley.  You should, too!

Listening: I love watching the news...  Does that make me weird?  :)
Loving: For the last week, I've slowly been packing up my room.  I'll post sad pictures soon.
Thinking: Another teacher and I decided to go to school yesterday to get some work done.  While I was there, I graded a year's worth of writing for their cum folders, and graded a few other things that needed to be entered into the grade book.  I'M DONE!!  All I need to do now is submit the grades (which I can never remember how to do... ever.)!
Needing:  Literally, my coffee is on the coffee table and I have yet to reach for it.
Vacay: I have no idea what essentials one needs!  I'm too poor to vacation! :)
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  1. Well, happy birthday Mr. R! AW to be in my 20's again wouldn't that be fantastic! Birthday advice 101: it's not just a day, have a mini celebration daily all month long. I mean little things like indulge in a bath, go for a walk, take time to actually nap, or read your favorite book. My personal favorite is to spend quality time with the fam.

    1. What good ideas! I don't live near my family (I had to move to find a job), but it would be a good time to travel south to see the folks and north to see the brother! Thanks for the suggestions! :)


  2. YAY for another NC blogger!!! I found you through Farley's Linky!!

    Come By and Visit My Blogs!
    ”Dots” of Fun!
    1...2...3...Teach With Me

    1. Yay! I check your blogs soon!! :)


  3. Leslie
    Have a fantastic Birthday,,yes celebrate the month! If you are short on funds, you can always treat yourself with a slumber a summer themed movie, have your girls bring their favorite island drinks to share, and talk all night about nonsence! Oh and don't forget you can all have a mani/pedi at the same time (polish first though)

  4. Happy early birthday!

    My grades are done too and it does feel good!

    Time to go on vacation!!!

    Hodges Herald


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