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Friday, May 17, 2013


All day, I kept thinking, "Thank goodness it's Friday!"  I was so happy when the last children got on the bus.  Then, after talking to my favorite teachers for an hour or so, I went back to my room.  I ended up cleaning, packing, and rearranging.  Why?  I'm crazy!!  I have the urge to COMPLETELY rearrange my room, but I'm not going to until next year.  I did move a table out of my room and do a little rearranging.  I packed up my math manipulatives and put them away, and I straightened up my closet to make room for other things once I have to pack up my room.  I didn't leave until around 6:45.  Crazy, I'm telling you!  Anywho, I've posted a current picture of my room.  Everything is off the walls.  It looks so sad!!  I did find out that I can keep my lights off next week during the testing.  My kids were thrilled, because they started getting headaches after I turned the lights on earlier this week.  No bueno!

Alright, that's all for now.  Everyone have a great weekend!


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