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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Donors Choose

The purpose of this post is to purely get the word out about my Donors Choose: Math Skills for the 21st Century Learner.  Besides my laptop, the one I use to teach, I don't have a working computer in my classroom for students to use.  I have requested two Chromebook laptops so that my students can use educational websites that target their specific needs in math and reading.  I'm really excited about these and hope they're funded!  Last night, I had a wonderful surprise...  Since my request will be used to further math skills, Duke Energy is going to fund half the cost!!  How exciting!!

Just a note: by no means do I expect you teachers to donate to my classroom.  I realize you all have your own classrooms to fund; however, if you happen to know someone who has a little extra money they want to throw around, please feel free to direct them to my Donors Choose.  PS - if they use the checkout code INSPIRE by May 20th, DC will double the donation. :)
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