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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pie the Teacher!

My students finally got their reward for raising the most money in the 5th grade Spare Change Challenge...  They got to PIE ME!  They were so excited.  All day, they kept asking, "When do we get to pie you?"  They had to wait until the end of the day when we had recess.  The majority of the 5th grade was crowded around me as I set everything up and got into my protective "suit".  I felt quite claustrophobic.  The students were jumping with excitement.  They hit me pretty well.  At one point, I couldn't breathe from the cool whip, but it was over before I knew it.  The last pie was a giant one.  The student who raised the most money in my class got to throw the regular "pie", as well as an extra large one.  The students had so much fun throwing pies and watching.  I must say, I didn't mind having to eat Cool Whip... Enjoy the pictures! :)

After the last picture, my students said, "Miss R, you need to shave!"  They're so clever! :)


  1. fun! :)


  2. You brave, brave gal... So glad you shared pics!

    1. I'm not that brave, Katie! It was actually pretty fun (until I had to clean up). I showed my class the pictures yesterday. There were a few pictures where their expressions were priceless. I put them in the 5th grade yearbook folder. Check them out! :)


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