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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Proud Teacher

I have a couple proud teacher moments to share!  For a second week in a row, my class has won our school mascot, Rammy, for the week!  Background info:  for positive behavior in the hall, specials, etc, the students can earn "ram heads" for their class.  At the end of the week, the ram heads are counted, and the class with the most wins Rammy!  It's completely silly, but they love to win.  My class has become really competitive, too!  I have NO IDEA where it's coming from, either.  {Yeah, right.  It's totally me!}

Yesterday, I had a proud moment in math.  We started our Geometry unit, and my students were sorting shapes in groups.  I walked around to one group, and they had drawn out a Venn diagram!  Heck yes!  I'm not even sure I've said that word this year {oopsie}!  Woot!  Gooo kiddos! :)

On last thing, we introduced a fundraiser the kids are quite familiar with... Spare Change Challenge.  We have made it a competition between the four 5th grade classes, and the class that brings in the most money gets to PIE their teacher.  Every kid.  Again, my kids are being really competitive with this fundraiser, and I have no idea why!  {Ha!  I told them we have to win!  And I love being pied! ... It's probably not a good idea that I'm being this competitive.}  The money is going toward our field trip fund.  Working in an area with a very low SES, we try to raise as much money as possible to make our field trips somewhat affordable.  Wish us luck!

Have a great rest of the week/weekend!

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