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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Making Clouds {So Cool!!}

I really wanted to write this post yesterday, but I left my Mac at school.  The Blogger iphone app is not so great, so I'm writing it at school.  I got here early just so I could write this post... and because I woke up 2 hours before my alarm... and because I couldn't go back to sleep. :)

With our weather unit, we are studying clouds right now.  Surprisingly, our kids have a good bit of background knowledge on the types of clouds.  Well, some have the background knowledge.  Yesterday, we { I } made clouds using a water bottle and matches.  The kids and I both LOVED the activity.  I've never taught weather before, so I'm having to learn most of this information.  There is nothing like being thrilled like a kid when you're learning the info with the kids and something cool happens!!! :)  One of my students took pictures for me.  Please don't judge me by the second picture.  I was, literally, in the process of saying, "OH COOL!!!" :)


  1. How did you make the clouds? I want to try :p

    1. Hey Kirra,

      You need:
      -plastic bottle
      -a cap that fits the bottle
      -hot water

      Basically, pour the hot water in the bottle and set the cap on top (don't screw it down). Light a couple matches and blow them out. Squeeze the bottle and let go (repeat, repeat, repeat) to allow smoke to enter the bottle. Screw on the cap. Wait a few seconds... When you squeeze the bottle, you're causing air pressure and temperature to increase. When you let it go, air pressure and temperature decrease, and cloud water droplets form. If you take the cap off, it's pretty cool to see the cloud coming out of the bottle. :) - here is a video if it doesn't work.


  2. I love your cloud activity- tooo cute!! Thanks for sharing!
    Science for Kids Blog


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