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Monday, October 15, 2012

October Update

Yep... I'm still kicking.  I feel completely separated from blog world.  Those of you that are able to blog and teach deserve an award!  21st Century tutoring, clubs, planning, and cleaning keep me absolutely exhausted.

Overall, things are going pretty well.  Right now, my main challenge is trying to get my class to stop fighting with each other.  THAT'S really exhausting.  We are taking baby steps in the right direction, but sometimes it feels like we take giant steps backward.  If you have any suggestions for improving my classroom climate, my ears are open.  I'm reading The Best Halloween Ever right now, but I'm thinking of reading The Hundred Dresses next.  Have any of you read it?  Good choice?  I just ordered The Name Jar... it looks good, but I'm not sure it will have the effect I want.  Suggestions?

We just finished our Forces and Motion unit, and started Matter today.  We began with a cool experiment showing the changing states of matter.  The kids thought it was great!  We have several experiments as we briefly touch on the Water Cycle (more in depth once we get to weather).

Thursday, we are going on a field trip to see the Slim Goodbody Bodyology Show.  It's supposed to be pretty neat!  Since we are adding Human Body to the curriculum this year, we thought this would be a perfect field trip... even though we won't hit human body until the spring.  At least they will have some background knowledge at that point.  I'm going to add a video below if you're interested.

I hope everyone is well!

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