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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Class Friendship Bracelet

After speaking with my guidance counselor, we've decided to keep going with encouraging my students to say kind words and be a good friend.  She gave me the idea of having a class friendship bracelet.  (I don't remember where she got the idea.)  Basically, I will start out the day wearing the friendship bracelet, and when I see a student being a good friend or saying kind words, I will give the bracelet to that student to wear.  When that students sees someone being kind, etc, they will pass the bracelet to another student.  I'm hoping this will continue to improve my classroom climate.  The constant awareness of what it means to be a good classmate and friend has seemed to help a little bit.  Cross your fingers, y'all! :)

You're probably wondering about why I chose to make the bracelet out of elastic...  Well, if you haven't heard about them, Birchbox sells these great hair ties called Twistbands.  I received one in my Birchbox about 6 months ago and wear it on my wrist every day incase I need to pull my hair up.  All the kids are interested in it and have asked about it, so I figured it would be a great bracelet for them.  So, I went to Hobby Lobby and found some elastic that was very close to my hair tie.  I decided to put the orange glass charm on there to dress it up a bit.  AND to add a bit of CLEMSON to the bracelet. :)  (PS I think it's about time I order some new hair ties... that one is looking ratty!)

I will update on its effectiveness! :)


  1. this idea! So glad you are prioritizing kindness and friendship in your room. Not always easy to do, for sure. Definitely can't wait to hear how it goes...


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