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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Future Stories

Every year, at my school, the students write their "Future Story."  Basically, what they want to do when they grow up and how they're going to make it happen.  I love reading them.  Some of the stories are absolutely adorable! :)  What I really want to showcase with this post is our AMAZING art teacher.  Y'all, I can't describe how talented this woman is.  You really just need to see for yourself (in just a minute).  For every grade level, she creates something amazing to put on the wall with the future stories.  Last year, she made a roller coaster with carts for Forces and Motion.  This year, we decided we wanted a heart since, with Common Core, we are adding the Human Body to our curriculum.  Look at what she made:

I really wanted to take a picture of what she created for every grade level, but I was 7:00 leaving last night, so I didn't have the energy or desire to go around the school taking pictures.

Does your school have the students do anything similar (write their future stories)?

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