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Sunday, August 26, 2012

School Ghosts?

I decided to work at school today.  Yes, I realize it's a Sunday and I shouldn't be working, but I just couldn't handle the way I left things on Friday.  I brought The Notebook with me and watched it on the SmartBoard while I worked.  I think I got a lot done... you tell me:

  1. Organized my gigantic closet - Last week, things were literally thrown into the closet.  It was a wreck.  Now, most everything, has a proper place and I can find things!
  2. Finished labeling books - My school does Jan Richardson's First 20 Days.  The kids had to pick out books from the library and explain whey they picked that particular book.  Well, I didn't let the kids keep the books because I hadn't finished labeling. (I know, BAD TEACHER!) Problem Solved!
  3. Math Manipulatives - I put those in containers on the back counter so the kids have easy access to them.  AND I realized, that I don't have all the math stuff that I need!!
  4. Organized Papers - Most of the kids returned all the "required" papers on Friday.  While they were separated into separate stacks, I had no idea who turned in what.  So, I went through and checked off what was turned in, and I realized that many sheets hadn't been signed.  The organization was a huge stress reliever.  
  5. Figured out morning work for the week, and have Monday ready and on their desks! (PS, does anyone use Sunshine Math?)
I think I could have stayed all day, but once The Notebook finished, I started hearing strange noises.  I should note, that my school is in a not so great area.  We have been told to NEVER be at school alone after dark.  I probably shouldn't even be there by myself on the weekend...  I SWEAR I heard something slam on the floor in the hallway.  It goes without saying that I did NOT unlock the door to the hallway, and I made sure my back door was closed tightly.  Once I started hearing the school ghosts, I didn't stay much longer.

Does anyone else get freaked out being in school alone??

1 comment:

  1. Holy COW! I have ABSOLUTELY spooked myself at school when by myself. Scarey. McScareyton!


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