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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Classroom Pictures (so far)

I'm exhausted! I wanted to take a nap my entire drive home. Thank goodness I'm moving closer to school this weekend. Ok, so I have been working in my classroom most of the week. My team had planning yesterday, so I didn't get much done. Once I get started, I can't seem to stop... Even if it seems like I haven't accomplished anything. I realized this afternoon that I CANNOT work tomorrow. As in, no one will be in the building and we don't have keys, yet; however, that is probably a blessing in disguise. I HAVE to finish packing my apartment. Without further adieu, I'll show you what progress I've made so far. I'll start with pictures of how the room looked when I walked in on Tuesday.

From the entrance. 
From the back of the room. 
Other side of the room.

Progress pictures:  You will notice that my overhead lights are off.  I don't use them unless I absolutely have to.  They give me a headache.
 Again, from the entrance.
 From the entrance across the room.  I took this room over from a 4th grade teacher.  I will be helping get her stuff out starting Monday.
 From the side of the room.
 My "desk" area.
 Writing table/VOICES wall.
 Library... a big work in progress.
 My computer area and another GR table for Reading Specialists.
 From the back of the room.

 I love this! :)
 My mess...
Curtains up! :)

I'll most more pictures next week!  I'm really tired and I can't think of anything else to say.  Wish me luck with moving this weekend!


  1. i LOVE the NC sign thing you have with all the city names! where'd you get that? I'd love one for SC!!

    1. SC is my home, so I have one! Send me your email:

  2. Your room looks great! The kids will really like it! And I hope your move goes well this weekend! I hope it's cooler for you in NC than it is in Texas!!!

  3. I love your rug. I love your blue wall. I love the hanging flowers. I love it all! Just been blogging about my Dr. Seuss theme classroom, come see! :)

    Tangled with Teaching

  4. I love the writing table with the lamp... what a great idea! I might have to try not using my overhead lights this year to avoid some migraines. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. It looks like you have been a busy bee!! Your room looks great! I am a new follower!


  6. Hi, I am your newest follower. Your classroom is coming along nicely! I love all of the lamps you have scattered around the room. Makes it look homey! Good luck with the move! Lattes and Laughter


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