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Friday, June 22, 2012

Birthday Girl

Tomorrow is my birthday!  27!!  Golly, where have the years gone?  :-)  I don't have big plans...  It looks like I'll be going out with a few girls from school tomorrow night.  That's the only thing about living away from home and not having the time to meet people outside of school...  I rely on my school friends!  But I love them!

I bought myself an early birthday present.  About 6 months ago, I bought myself a Wii with the intention of doing Zumba everyday (yeah, right!).  During our remediation week at school (after the EOG's), I played Wii Sports with some of the kids who did not have to retake the test.  Oh my word!  I had so much fun!!  So, I decided that would be a good gift to myself.  I played tennis, bowling, and baseball today.  I swear I already have tennis elbow.  :-)  I laughed at myself while playing baseball.  It's funny how the batter stance naturally comes back even though I haven't played softball in 20 years. By the way, my fitness age is 65!!  EEK!!!  I'll have to work on that...

I bought myself another birthday present today.  I've heard that Fifty Shades of Grey is a must-read, so I finally bought it.  From what I've heard, I hope my innocent eyes and mind can take it! ;-)

One last thing...  I'm not sure if I mentioned the other day, but before I came home from SC, I stopped and bought some peaches.  I'm sure you all know that Georgia is known as "The Peach State."  Well, South Carolina is known as "The Better Tasting Peach State."  I just can't express in words how delicious SC peaches are...  (If you don't believe me, you can order them from Abbott Farms. <--Do it!!) So, I had to buy some before I came back to NC.  If you need a delicious and healthy snack, trying broiling a peach (yes, I said BROIL) and eat it with cottage cheese.  YUMMY!!   I'll leave you with those thoughts... :-)

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