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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Break Recap {and a RECIPE}

(The Bro and Me)
I completely forgot to post about seeing Les Miserables in Richmond!  Let me start with the fact that we nearly didn't make it!  We were a little slow leaving the house last Saturday.  By the time we did leave, we were going to arrive right as the show started (according to Google Maps).  The bro pushed that Dodge Hemi as far as he could!  We found parking and ran in with 2 minutes to curtain!  Holy cow!  Then... this is the best part... the girl sitting next to us threw up all over herself.  Thankfully, no one was sitting in the seats in front of us, so we sat there until they could clean up the barf.  The girl sitting on the other side of her had no idea it had happened.  Maybe my ears are tuned to the sounds of vomiting? Anywho, Les Mis was great!  I did my best not to sing along.  My next dream: See Les Mis ON Broadway!!  The picture was taken in the garage after the show (hence the junk in the background).

I intended to leave Monday, but after testing cars, I decided to stick around and buy one!  I know I just posted pictures the other day, but it's so pretty, I wanted to post another one! :)  If you want to see the full blog post, click here!

So, school starts back Monday and I haven't done ANY school work.  I'm going to pay for this if I don't get on it!  Grades are due Wednesday!  ICK!  I hate grading.  So, instead of grading yesterday, I decided to make a healthy dinner: Salmon Carpaccio.  This is my favorite "meal" ever!  It's super simple too.  I'll tell you what you need and now to make it below.

Salmon Carpaccio
-Smoked Salmon         1. Whisk lemon juice with some olive oil.
-Olive Oil 2. Lay the salmon on a plate.
-Juice of 1/2 lemon 3. Throw on some capers
-Red onion, sliced 4. Throw on some arugula.
-Capers 5. Throw on some onions.
-Arugula 6. Drizzle with lemon/olive oil

 (Click to see bigger pictures)

Notice I haven't given you measurements.  That's because I just throw everything on... think of it as a salad.

I thought I might save money buying the arugula and spinach mix (I love spinach salads)...  It was 95% spinach and 5% arugula.  You'll notice that I ended up having to use some of the spinach, as well.

This recipe is SUPER healthy.  It is packed with Omega-3's.  If you're anything like me; however, you'll want to eat way too much of it! :)

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