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Monday, January 14, 2013

New Seating & Wandering Desks

I just wanted to share my new seating arrangement.  Well, it's not really new.  I've had it since we got back from break, but I really like it.  I'm able to position certain students so that they are facing the front, but they're still in groups so they can collaborate.  I also feel like it's taking up less room, which is always good.  We started DARE today, and not only do I have my class in the room, but there is also another class sitting on the carpet.  We need the room!  I actually pushed all of the desks back about 4 feet after I took this picture.  (If you're wondering, my overhead lights are never turned on.  This was taken before the sun was completely up, so it was a little dark.)

There is a crazy phenomenon happening in my classroom.  Desks are mysteriously wandering out of position.  I've asked my students, and all of them say they're not moving their desks.  It's not all desks, though.  Really it is one particular desk that is causing a few other desks to move.  Does the "Wandering Desk Phenomenon" happen in your classroom?  I have a solution.  ZIP TIES!  I actually told a particular student that if the desk didn't stop moving, I would zip tie her desk to another desk.  She didn't believe me.  So, last week, I got out the zip ties and tied her desk to two other desk!  One student said, "You were being serious?  I thought you were just joking!"  While another student said, "I knew she was being serious."  And...the mysterious phenomenon has suddenly stopped!  Just a suggestion!

Please don't judge any typos you find.  My brain shut off shortly before our book study this afternoon.  I'll fix them as I find them.  :)


  1. Love it! Is it pitiful that I see more of your classroom online than by just walking down the hall?

    1. Perhaps it would be pitiful if you had to walk past my room everyday, but you never really need to visit the 5th grade teachers!! (Even though we would love the visit!) :)

  2. Haha...I have that problem too! And I am constantly walking around and pushing the desks back in order with my hips! I'm gonna bruise them eventually...I'll have to remember the zip tie idea :)


  3. Oh my gosh! I love it!!!! I am fortunate enough to have carpeting in my room so we don't have "roaming desks", but oh do we have "rocking chairs". Your room looks great!
    Thanks for sharing,
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