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Friday, July 20, 2012

Fabulous Find Friday: Shopping in SC

Coming home this week was the best idea I've had in a while!  I'm not going to bore you with all the school supplies my MOM bought me...  She is awesome and has saved me so much money!  Unfortunately, I will still need to buy more supplies.  We are SO underpaid, but y'all already know this...
I'll start with my biggest purchase and the one that makes me the happiest:
I'm so excited about my new Clemson Rocker.  This is going to be my chair for the meeting/smartboard area of my classroom.  It was NOT cheap, but I have wanted one for several years.  Might as well, right? :)  The students love to sit in the teacher's rocker, so it can be an incentive during their reading time.

I accidentally stumbled upon a theme for my room.  It's nothing like "jungle" or "hollywood", but it's a bright colors theme!!  Works for me.
Let's see:
1. Tissue Paper: I'm going to try to make those Pom-Pom Puff Balls to hang from the ceiling. (1.99 each at Party City)
2. Flower Hole Punch: I needed a special hole punch for the punch cards I'll be using. (40% off at Hobby Lobby)
3. Green Totes: Each pod will store their book baggies in these totes.  Also, I'll label these totes with these numbers I found at "technology rocks. seriously."  I wish I could afford the money and space to use individual magazine boxes, but it's not happening. (Dollar Tree)
4. Magnetic Locker Basket: I'm going to use this to keep my Expo markers in. ($2.99 at Target)
5. Funny Ball: Will be used for silent ball or to call on students. (Target Dollar Bin)
6. 4-Pack Purple Basket: I don't know what I'll use these for... (Target Dollar Bin - $2.50)
7. Supply Caddies: Each pod will use these to house their Expos, erasers, highlighters, etc. ($2.50? each at Hobby Lobby)
8. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers: These are the best markers for anchor charts! (6.97 at Wal-mart)
9. Colorful T-Shirts: You'll see what these are for next Monday! :)

I *THINK* I'm going to use all of this to hang my curtains.  The walls, blinds, windows are a little weird from what I can remember, so I'm not sure this will work out.  I'll have to wait until I get back in the school to see.  I just got the regular Command hooks, a light weight curtain rod, and my little secret... Bathroom Command Strips!  These strips hold up to heat and humidity!  I don't know how your room is, but at my school, it gets hot and all the papers curl from the humidity.  Hopefully these strips will help keep things on the walls.

My last Fabulous Find is Staples Printing Services!!  The other day, I printed about 30 color pages on 110 lb. card stock for about $25.  It sounds expensive, but when I consider the cost of ink cartridges and quality, I'm actually saving money.  I printed Kristen's (at Ladybug's Teacher Files) CRAFT and VOICES headers, along with a few other things you'll see when I move into my classroom.  If you need something printed with a lot of color and want it to look great, use Staples!!

Alrighty, that's all of my Fabulous Finds for this week!  Do you think the "bright colors" theme works? :)  I can't wait to see what everyone else has found!


  1. I'm on the same page as you-I really can't bring myself to splurging on those magazine boxes for the kids. I will have roughly 28 students this year and that is just a lot of money! I think I've just found my solution, thanks for the great idea! :)


  2. Your chair is adorable. I want one!
    iTeach 1:1

  3. A fellow Carolinian :) Thanks so much for linking up!!! I love the chair!!!
    Ps- I'm a new follower and can't wait to read more:)

  4. Absolutely love your rocker! I've been looking for good markers for my anchor the Mr. Sketch markers bleed?

    1. Thanks! ... Yes, they kind of do depending on how you use them. I would never write on both the front and the back, but if you're making an anchor chart, why would you? I've never had them bleed to the next page, though. Plus, they're SCENTED!! :)

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog!! It also led me to yours!! To answer your question about the laminator, yes, I always cut out each item before laminating. I've never tried it the other way. I think the film would peel off over time?? Hope this helps!

    Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

  6. Yep your rocking chair is AMAZING! I love it! I really want one too, but am hoping to find something cheap so I can paint it up! Great finds! Love the bright colors.

    Reaching for the TOP!

  7. Bright colors are perfect for the classroom! Your comment on my crafts post lead me here. You have a lot of good ideas!
    Carol @ Mrs. Cobb's Kindersprouts


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